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[Pann] Share the top 3 dramas of your life

Mine are Signal, Stranger and My Mister

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is rising up too.. It’s got such a healing quality


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 1. [+240][-73] Moon Lovers. First I thought that it was childish but the second half was insane – the aftereffects were so strong that my heart was aching..,,ㅜ

 2. [+201][-10] Does no-one like Go Back Couple… That was seriously the drama of my life…

 3. [+181][-20] Goblin, I Hear Your Voice and Mister Sunshine

 4. [+108][-67] My Mister. The end.

 5. [+72][-11] The Reply series, Legend of the Blue Sea and Secret Garden

 6. [+60][-21] You Who Came From The Stars, Crash Landing On You, Descendants of the Sun

 7. [+52][-5] Crash Landing on You, Goblin, Mister Sunshine

 8. [+50][-1] Age of Youth


[T/N: To add to the discussion, I’d say my top drama of all time is Mother, with Misty coming second! ☺️ Has anyone seen these dramas? What are your top dramas?]