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[Pann] Did you see NMIXX’s MR removed video?

You can seriously hear that it was all fully live. They’re hella good – JYP has seriously tightened up.. They’re all good, but Jiwoo, Lily, and Sullyoon are seriously so good. And the dance is so hard too…  I’m excited for their next comeback

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 1. [+94][-0] I want to show this to the kids who can’t tell the difference between this and live AR

 2. [+55][-1] I was wondering whether it’d be possible for Lily to sing live since her parts were so difficult, but you can hear hear so f*cking clearly

 3. [+51][-1] Wow but looking at how they’re singing full out live from their debut stage, you can see that JYP really sharpened up. They’re all good but Lily’s high notes are legendary

 4. [+33][-1] I just listened to it and Lily and Sullyoon are seriously good. I always knew that Lily was good and there were times where Sullyoon was tired from dancing full on but her ad libs at the end were so f*cking good. No but also why is Kyujin always the centre for Sullyoon’s ad libs.. I wouldn’t have known it was Sullyoon’s part if not for the MR removed. She doesn’t have that many parts as it is, and then even her parts as centre are short ㅠ

 5. [+23][-1] Lily really seems like a pop singer. But this is true – the song is so f*cking full-on that if you sang the whole thing alone at karaoke, people would clap for you…

 6. [+20][-1] This is what really singing live is. F*ck I hated seeing people saying bullsh*t like ‘they’re insane at singing live’ after watching a live AR that I was shocked at seeing a real live performance