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[Pann] Let’s choose the best mega-hit song from 3rd gen girl groups

3rd gen girl groups’ mega-hit songs, Red-Cheer-Ddu

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Out of these three, which song do you think is the best mega-hit song?

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1. [+750][-125] Twice – Cheer Up


2. [+588][-187] Red Velvet – Red Flavour


3. [+376][-179] Blackpink – Ddu-du Ddu-du


4. [+222][-101] Everyone is really ignoring Red Flavour – it was the best hit song of 2017

5. [+210][-255] How can you compare Red Flavour to Cheer Up and Ddu-du;;;; Cheer Up was number 1 in the yearly charts, Ddu-du was 6th but Red Flavour was 24th

6. [+155][-14] The only song with a daesang is Cheer Up

7. [+139][-207] In the country, it’s Red Flavour>Cheer Up>Ddu-du

8. [+124][-104] Rough is the one on top though