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[From Your Admins] Update! 👋

Hi to our readers! You will have noticed our inactivity recently and we wanted to share a quick update. We have both been incredibly busy the past month with studies and our jobs, hence the lack of regular content. We work hard to provide regular translated content on our page and if there is anything you would like to see on our page, please let us know. We’re active on Twitter and we regularly check DMs (though some of them get filtered which means we don’t see them immediately, so please bear that in mind!) so please do let us know of any suggestions or improvements you’d like to see.

We are looking to expand our translations into ‘theqoo’ in the autumn to provide more translated content. We will let you know when we do and then you’ll be able to give us post suggestions if you’d like!

In the meantime, thank you for being patient with us and continuously giving us suggestions to improve our site. We hope that you’re looking forward to seeing more posts on the site again!

Your Admins,

M 🎨 and K 👾