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Twitter: @NetizenKore


How do you choose what to translate?
We translate across four main areas: K-pop, K-Dramas, lifestyle posts and trends. Occasionally we may also translate articles and K-Entertainment news. 
For K-pop and lifestyle posts, we will translate what is trending on our source sites and what we think may interest our readers. For K-drama posts, we will translate about either what we are currently watching or currently popular dramas – but do feel free to request!

Where do you translate from? We translate from Nate Pann and theqoo for K-pop and lifestyle posts. Most of our K-drama translations will come from Naver TV.

What are Pann, theqoo and Naver? Pann and theqoo are forum-type community sites where users post under a range of categories. Naver is a search engine; Naver TV posts videos from Korean television, including dramas and entertainment. We translate the comments under these videos. 

Whose opinions are these? What we translate only reflects the opinion of the relevant commenter.  They are not our opinions nor are they to be taken as representative of all Koreans.  


We want NetizenKore to be a friendly environment where fans can discuss and enjoy content. Please remember to respectful of your fellow readers and let us know if you feel there is something wrong.