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[theqoo] Who was actor Lee Jaewook’s best character?

1. Search: WWW, Seol Jihwan




2. Extraordinary You, Baek Kyung




3. Alchemy of Souls, Jang Uk

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 1. 2 – Baek Kyung

 2. 33 –  I updated it this time round

 3. Jang Uk suits him so well

 4. Where’s Jangwoo from ‘When The Weather is Fine’ ㅠㅠ…

 5. Where did our Jun-ie go? Well I should at least scream Sunwoo Juuuuun!!!! But the three characters in the post were seriously good

 6. Baek Kyung

 7. Jjang Uk is the best but Seol Jihwan is too.. too much of a perfect character that he eats Jang Uk up

 8. Jang Uk

 9. Jang Uk

 10. 3 – it’s updated to Jang Uk

 11. Jang Uk

 12. But Baek Kyung’s personality is seriously … but I still liked Baek Kyung ㅜㅜ

 13. 2 – Jang Uk is great but his Baek Kyung’s impact was strong