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[Pann] But once again, Mina… is seriously elegant…

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Even if she’s just quietly sat next to you, she’s be an instant yes with your parents

[T/N: OP used the term term used is 상견례 프리패스 [sangkyeonrye free pass], meaning someone that who would be instantly approved of at the meeting of the two sets of parents when a couple considers getting engaged]

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 1. [+71][-2] She’s got a face and aura that just suits the word ‘beauty’

 2. [+38][-3] She’s seriously so pretty

 3. [+37][-2] She’s so f*cking pretty and really suits that make-up

 4. [+31][-0] She looks the classiest out of all girl groups members. Not the kind of classy people blah blah on about when someone’s wearing designer products, but rather the kind of classy where someone has a real aura and the composure you get from having a prestigious family… And on top of that, she’s so purely pretty and elegant, and even did ballet..

 5. [+19][-0] How can her face look like that for then even her family background and life story to be perfect? Is this possible?

 6. [+18][-1] I think this was when she looked prettiest out of all of TWICE’s promotions, so f*cking pretty


 7. [+10][-0] The vibes of an only child daughter of a refined, rich family ㅋㅋ