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[Pann] Omg, these are the pictures of Han Sohee before plastic surgery

The pictures of Han Sohee before plastic surgery…

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There’s no ‘after’ picture because she hasn’t gotten plastic surgery

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1. [+211][-1] She did get sunghyung done, wan-sunghyung (T/N: Wordplay on the word for ‘plastic surgery’ and ‘perfectness’ in Korean. ‘Sunghyung’/성형 means plastic surgery in Korean. ‘Wansunghyung’/완성형 means a complete model, suggesting that she is already perfect and the only plastic surgery she has gotten is being perfect) 

2. [+135][-2] When I saw the title, I was furious, thinking ‘no she didn’t get plastic surgery’ but calmed down when I read the post, f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+120][-4] This was when she was in high school… God-Sohee…


4. [+57][-17] Wow, but even though she’s this pretty and charming, the fact that she struggled for a while shows how hard it is to make it in acting

5. [+41][-1] This is my favourite clip of hers. It’s on Han Sohee’s Instagram so please go and have a look


6. [+34][-0] How can she have both innocence and coolness at the same time…? This is insane

7. [+32][-0] Han Sohee-nim is really pretty but please post this under ‘Enter-talk’

8. [+32][-1] Honestly, you can’t even get a face like that with plastic surgery