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[Pann] A group that survives MR removed videos

MR removed videos came up because of the algorithm so I seriously watched a lot of groups’ videos, and there are lots of groups who are good like Seventeen, GFriend, BtoB, Mamamoo, SNSD etc. But SHINee was seriously solid. I already knew they were good before but there was never any reason for me to seek out things like MR removed videos so I didn’t know this. The video I watched was ‘Everybody’ and the dance is really intense and the song itself is so high but they did that…  If you watch it, you’ll feel totally refreshed

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 1. [+119][-10] For me it’s GFriend, Mamamoo, INFINITE and SHINee – by my standards these 4 groups all sing from start to finish without skipping anything, even down to the adlibs in between that they don’t have to sing

 2. [+87][-23] God-friend

 3. [+74][-0] Sherlock’s MR removed is legendary too

 4. [+50][-2] Gfriend and INFINITE

 5. [+49][-0] MR removed videos became a thing after SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ MR removed; it’s not an exaggeration to say that the phrase ‘Did they eat CDs?’ started then. Then INFINITE who debuted after that also were famous for their lives

 6. [+48][-0] SHINee, INFINITE and BEAST are the skilled-idols

 7. [+39][-0] Ah but seriously I agree about SHINee… I’m a BtoB fan so I get a bit snobby about live performances but SHINee are seriously… sound. Of course, GFriend and Seventeen are solid too. These two groups show off their performance more so you can’t see it as well. But if you listen I think each one of them is good. Personally, I think Red Velvet are strong too, especially Seulgi and Wendy,,

 8. [+39][-5] EXO